Welcome to the Kohl's Product Champions Community

We'd love to invite you to become a part our Kohl's Product Champions community! As a member, you will have the opportunity to receive and try Kohl's products, at no cost to you. In return, we hope that you will write honest product reviews and share on social channels so that YOUR voice can help other customers in their own shopping decisions. We know how important product reviews are to you and other customers when shopping, and think that you are the perfect Kohl's shopper to share your experiences with others!

How it works:

1. Become a member by taking a short survey to tell us about you, your interests and your lifestyle so that we know what products are relevant to you.
2. Get notified by email when products are available that meet your lifestyle and interests.
3. Select an available product to try.
4. Receive the product at your doorstep, absolutely FREE!
5. Try the product.
6. Write your review on the product (and share on social channels, too!).
7. Keep the product, FOREVER!